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Alpert/Ziegelman-Goldfoot Genealogy From Rabbis of Worms, Germany, Troyes and Dampierre, France

Andi Ziegelman
Nadene Goldfoot                                         
Chateau at Dampierre, France
Ashkenazis of today are now found through DNA testing to have come from 350 Jews who lived 600 to 800 years ago.  That takes us back between 1214 and 1414.  There was a bottleneck that caused the European population to be down to such a low number.
King David
1010-970 BCE
Rabbi Wertheimer
My Goldfoot line descended from Halpern/Alpert ancestors, many who lived in Worms, Germany.  From Rabbi Wertheimer to Rashi to King David, our genes traveled back to the Kingdom of Judah.  

Though Goldfoot is of Q1b1a haplotype, we have intermarried with Jews of their haplogroups, such as the Cohen line of J1c3d and E1s and a few others common in European Jews.  The Familyfinder test from FTDNA is an autosomal DNA test that matches chromosomes, and this led to the finding of being connected to the Rabbi of Worms;  actually several of the rabbis living there, who were connected to RASHI.

Below is the work from our Halpern leader through Family Tree DNA, Andi Ziegelman who said, "We both descend from this guy below."  Andi Ziegelman.                                                                                             

     *** ISAAC BEN SAMUEL HA-ZAKEN of Dampierre ***

French tosafist and Biblical commentator:  flourished at Ramerupt and Dampierre in the twelfth century.  He died, according to Gratz ("Gesch." vi.210),
about 1200;  according to Gross ("Gallia Judaica," p. 161, and "R.E.J."vii.76),
between 1185 and 1195; and as he is known to have reached an advanced age, Gross supposes that he was not born later than 1115.  

On the other hand, Michael ("Or ha-Hayyim," p. 512) says that as Isaac b.Samuel was spoken of as "the sainted master" ("Sefer ha-Terumah," 55
131, 161; Tos., Zeb. 12b.59b), a term generally given to martyrs, he may have been killed at the same time as his son, Elhanan (1184). 

On his father's side Isaac was a grandson of R. Simhah of Vitry, author of the Hahzor Vitry;  on his mother's side he was a nephew of R. Tam of RAshbam, and of Isaac b. Meir (RiBaM), a great-grandson of Rashi, and a relative of R. Eleazar of Worms.  

The Rabbi of Worms was Eleazar Ben Judah (1160-1238), a native of Mainz, Germany and from 1201, he was rabbi at Worms, Germany.  His wife and 2 daughters were slaughtered by Crusaders before his eyes in 1196.  His works made the Ashkenazi theory of practical kabbalah popular which stressed the doctrine of repentance.  His ethical teachings were embodied in his code, Sepher ha-Rokeah (The Book of the Spice Dealer).  Then he was known as Eleazar Rokeah.  

Isaac ben Samuel was surnamed "ha-Zaken" (the elder) to distinguish him from another tosafist of the same name, Isaac b. Abraham, surnamed "ha-Bahur" (the younger).  He is often quoted as R. Isaac of Dampierre ("Maimuniyyot,  "Ma'akalot Asurot, No. 5;  "Shibbole ha-Leket" ii., No. 40,

 It seems that he lived first at Ramerupt, where his maternal grandfather resided ("Sefer ha-Nayyar," p. 162; "Maimuniyyot,"l.c.).  It was also at Ramerupt that he studied under his Uncle R. Tam (Luria, Responsa, No.29). After the latter had gone to Troyes, Isaac b. Samuel directed his school.  
The village of Ramerupt is a small village located north east of France. The town of Ramerupt is located in the department of Aube of the french region Champagne-Ardenne. The town of Ramerupt is located in the township of Ramerupt part of the district of Troyes. 

Isaac settled in Dampierre later, and founded there a flourishing and well-attended school ("Or Zarua", i.126).  It is said that he had sixty pupils, each of whom, besides being generally well grounded in Talmud, knew an entire treatise by heart, so that the whole Talmud was stored in the memories of his pupils (Menahem, "Zedah la-Derek," Introduction).  As he lived under Philip Augustus, at whose hands the Jews suffered uch, Isaac prohibited the buying of confiscated Jewish property, and ordered that any so bought be restored to its original owner.  

A particular interest attaches to one of his responsa, in which he relies on the oral testimony of his aunt, the wife of R. Isaac b. Meir, and on that of the wife of R. Eleazar of Worms, a great-granddaughter of Rashi ("Sefer ha-Nayyar," p. 167.a). 

Isaac's tosafot completed the commentary of Rashi on the Talmud (Romm of Wilna included in his edition of the Talmud, Isaac ben Samiuel's tosafot on Kiddushin).  He also compiled and edited with great erudition all the preceding explanations to Rashi's commentary.  His first collection was entitled "Tosefot Yeshanim," which, however, was afterward revised and developed.  He is quoted on almost every page of the Tosafot, and in various works, especially in the "Sefer ha-Terumah" of his pupil Bariuch b. Isaac of Worms, and in the "Or Zarua" of Isaac b. Moses.  

Isaac is mentioned as a Biblical commentator by Judah b. Eliezer ("Minhat Yehudah," p. 8b), who quotes also a work of Isaac's entitled  "Yalkute Midrash" (ib. p. 22a); by Isaac ha-Levi; by  Hezekiah b. Manoah in his "Hazzekuni"; and in two other commentaries (see "Kerem Hemed," vii.68).  Isaac b. Samuel is supposed to be the author also of several liturgical poems, of a piyyut to the Haftarah (Landshuth, "ammude ha-'Abodah," p. 108, and of a piyyut for Purim (Mahzor Vitry, No. 255; comp. Luzzatto in Berliner's "Magazin," v. 27, Hebr.part).  The authorship of these piyyutim may, however, belong to the liturgical writer, Isaac b. Samuel of Narbonne.  

From the New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, I find that Isaac, also known as Rabbi Isaac ha-Zaken, who was born before 1115 and died after 1184 was a French tosaphist.  He succeeded his uncle, Rabbenu Tam, as head of the Ramerupt Yeshivah and later settled at Dampierre.  His tosaphot (critical and explanatory notes on the Talmud by French and German scholars of the 12th to 14th centuries) are quoted by his pupils, while his responsa are scattered through many contemporary works.  

His commentary on the Pentateuch has not survived.  The tosaphots were initially supplementary to Rashi's Talmud commentary, which they frequently criticize and modify.  The tosaphists soon developed a new independent mode of Talmud study.  They also investigated in detail the form and content of the talmudic discussions and demonstrated that these too contained implicitly a considerable body of law which they proceeded to render explicit.  
Crusaders went through Europe killing Jews while on
the way to Jerusalem

Isaac was interested in mysticism and was in touch with the Kabbalists of southern France.  His scholarly son, Ethanan, was martyred in his lifetime and died in 1184.  

From Andi:  See below all the rabbis that studied under R. Isaac ben Samuel of Dampierre, in Isaac's school.

I don't have time now to check, but if I remember correctly, all these students of Isaac's went on to lead synagogues in their home towns of France.  Each synagogue had to have nine more men in addition to the rabbi.  At the time these students lived, there were also Jews in Germany and Italy and a few in Poland. 
Our Halpern ancestors wrote (I don't know where - in their books I guess) that because life was so hard from 1200 -1500, they didn't have a family tree for that period.  
So maybe in the 1100s there were more Jews in Europe than in the 1400s.  I don't know.

"The bottleneck was in this case in the interval 950-1250 AD. The size of the Ashkenazi population dropped to some 350 people. "

"The second admixture occurred according to [1] in Eastern Europe 10-20 generations ago. That gives the time span 1400-1700 AD. No mass conversions to Judaism are known from early Jewish communities in Eastern Europe."

"According to the estimates for 2007 of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute, the world population of Jews is 13.2 million.[1] cites figures ranging from 12 to 18 million Jews.[2] These statistics incorporate both practicing Jews affiliated with synagogues and the Jewish community, and approximately 4.5 million unaffiliated and secular Jews. In 2007, 41% of the world’s Jews were living in Israel."  We are 0.02% of the world population. 

Have you ever read the entries in the online JewishEncyclopedia for FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY, POLAND?  They are very informative.
 Best, Andi.
  Search for "Isaac ben Samuel of Dampierre" by:

RASHI (1040-1105) (SOLOMON BAR ISAAC) born in Troyes, France
studied in the Rhineland.
He was at Worms for a time, his first teacher being Jacob b. Yakar, of whom he speaks with great veneration.  After Jacob's death his place was successively filled by Isaac ben Eleazar ha Levi, or Segan Lewiyah, and of Yarhi, applied to him as early as the 16th century, originated in a confusion of Solomon bar Isaac with one Solomon de Luinel, and a further error caused the town of Lunel to be regarded as Rashi's....Rashi's relative, Isaac b. Judah, the head of the school of Mayence, a school rendered illustrious through R. Gershom b. Judah (the "Light of the Exile), who may be regarded as Rashi's precursor, although he was.....
1. SAMUEL BEN JOSEPH OF VERDUN...French tosafist of the 12th and 13th centuries.  He was a disciple of Isaac ben Samuel the Elder of Dampierre, with whom he corresponded, and is mentioned in the Tosafot, in "Or Zarua," and in ...Haggahot Maimuniyyot" as "ha-bahur" (the Yunger).  He is sometimes confounded with Samuel ben Hayyim, likewise cited as "Samuel of Verdun." Bibliography:  

2. DAMPIERRE...debtor the seigneurs of Dampierre and the abbey of Saint-Loup of Troyes.Rabbis:
    (1) Isaac ben Samuel the Elder, abbreviated, surnamed "the Saint".
    (5) Isaac ha Laban ben Jacob..Brussel,... the Middle Ages there was a somewhat important Jewish community in this village.  King Philippe-Auguste, after an agreement with the Countess of Champagne, and Gui.Seigneur of Dampierre in 1206 ordered the Jews...

3. SOLOMON BEN JUDAH OF DREUX...French  tosafist and Bible commentator of the 12th and 13th centuries.  He was a disciple of Isaac ben Samuel the Elder of Dampierre, and presided over the school of Dreux during the 1st quarter of...who corresponded with Isaac ben Abraham of Dampierre;  was most probably a son of the subject of this article.   Bibliography. 

4. DAVID THE PIOUS...him with R. David ben Joseph, who, with Isaac ben Abraham of Dampierre, Isaac ben DAvid, and Joseph ben Moses, adopted the decisions of the synod of Troyes which had met about 1160 under the auspices of Rabbenu...Together with Solomon ben Judah the Saint of Dreux, the two brothers Simson and Isaac ben Abraham of Dampierre, Samson of Corbeil, Abraham of Touques, and Eliezser be Aaron of Burgundy, he was among those scholars of...Tam.Samuell of Falaise (Sir Morel) probably referred to David the Pious when he spoke of as being a contemporary of Sir Leon of Paris ("Rev. Et.Juives"vii.47....

5. NATHANAEL OF CHINON...French tosafist: flourished about 1220.  He was a disciple of Isaac ben Samuel of Dampierre.  After 1224 Nathanael was director of the yshibah in Chinon and was in correspondence with the most famous and...learned of his contemporaries, including Samuel ben Sheneor of Evreux, Isaac of Evreux (author of "Sha'are Dura"), Jehiel of Paris and Isaac ben Todros.  The last, in answer to Nathanael of Chinon's reuest for his...opinion concerning a question at issue between himself and Jehiel, wrote that he dared not speak in the presence of the "pillars of the world."  Nathanael wrote tosafot to the treatises Bezah, Hullin, Berakot, and...

6. ELIEZER BEN SAMUEL OF VERONA...Italian tosafist, lived about the beginning of the 13th century. He was a disciple of Rabbi Isaac the elder, of Dampierre, and grandfather of the philosopher and physician HILLEL OF FORLI. He had...resulted, into which other rabbis were drawn, Eliezer ben Samuel is often quoted on Biblical and halakic questions.  Mordecai, in speaking of Eliezer, calls him "Eliezer of Verdun," though undoubtedly meaning "Verona...sanctioned the second marriage of a young woman whose husband had probably, though not certainly, perished by shipwreck.  But Eliezer ben Joel ha-Levi refused to endorse the permission, and a protracted controversy....

7. ISAAC BEN SAMUEL HA-ZAKEN...says that as Isaac b. Samuel was spoken of as "the sainted master", a term generally given to martyrs, he may have been killed at the same time as his son...quoted as R. Isaac of Dampierre ("Maimuniyyot," Ma'akalot Asurot, NO.5; "Shibbole ha-Leket"ii,No.40), but it seems that he lived first at Ramerupt, where his maternal grandfather resided ("Sefer ha-Nayyar,"p...a Talmud (Romm of Wilna included in his edition of the Talmud Isaac ben Samuel's tosafot on Kiddushin).  He also compiled and edited with great erudition all  the preceding explanations to Rashi's commentary.  His first...
8.ABRAHAM OF TROYES... incident.  Eleazar ha-Nadib (the word nadib denotes a Jewish Maecenas), against whom he had brought an action, demurred to appearing before the rabbinical court at Troyes;  and being supported by Isaac ben Samuel...of Dampierre, had his ase referred to another tribunal (ross, "Gallia Judaica," pp. 165, 239).  Yom Tob ha-Nadib, the son of Eleazar, being placed in a similar position, also refused to be judged at Troyes, and...was sustained in his contention by Judah Sire Leon of Paris ("Rev. Et.Juives," vii.42(.  At the same time, Simson ben Abraham of Sens took the part of the son-in-law of Simson of Troyes, who, being afraid of the...

9. JONATHAN BEN DAVID HA-KOHEN OF LUNEL...went with Tobiah and Samuel ben Simson;  he corresponded with Isaac ben Abraham of Dampierre, who had sent him a Talmudic responsum on a subject concerning the Holy Land.

10.BARUCH B. ISAAC (ha Kohen?)...  Isaac b. Samuel of Dapierre, Baruch wrote tosafot to several treatises (e.g., Kiddushin, Nazir, Shabbat, Hullin):  nearly all those extant on the order Zebahim are his  A. Epstein believes that the ...tosafist and codifier; flourished about 1200.  He was born at Worms, but lived at Regensburg;  hence he is sometimes called after the one and sometimes after the other city.  A pupil of the great Tosafist...commentary on the Sifra contained in the Munich MS. No.59 is the work of this Baruch.  He is the author also of the legal compendium, "Sefer ha-Terumah" (book of the Heave-Offering, Venice 1523;  Zolkiev, 1811...

11. JUDAH BEN ISAAC...French tosafist, born in Paris 1166, died there 1224 (Solomon Luria, Responsa,No.29).  According to Gross he was probably a descendant of Rashi, and a pupil of Isaac b. Samuel of Dampierre and his son...associated with Abraham,  occurs the name of Leo blund, whom Jacobs identifies with Judah ben Isaac (ib.p.88; comp. Bacher, in "J.Q.R."vi.360).  Sir Leon must have left Paris in  1182...when all Jews were expelled from the French king's dominions;  he did not return till 1198.  According to Gross, however, he received his chief training at Dampierre under Simson of Sens, Simson of Coucy, Solomon of...

12. SAMSON BEN ABRAHAM OF SENS...School of Rabbi Isaac ben Samuel ha-Zaaen of Dampierre, after whose death he took charge of the school of Sens.  Asheri says of him that after R. Tam and Isaac ben Samuel, he exercised the greatest influence upon....the Younger to distinguish him from his t eacher, Isaac the Elder (Isaac ben Samuel), whom he succeeded as principal of the school of Dampierre; is also onae of the prominent toafists.  He wrote, too, some....Talmudic studies in France and in Germany during the 13th century.  Joseph Colon declares that Isaac ben Samiuel, Judah Sir Leon of Paris, and Samson ben Abraham formed the three strong pillars of the northern...

13. SAMSON BEN SAMSON ....Museum.)  Samson was a disciple of Isaac "ben Samuel the Elder of Dampierre and one of the prominent rabbis to whom Meir ben Todros Abulafia addressed his letter of protest against Maimonides...
Isaac ben Moses of Vienna, with whom Samson corresponded, was one of his pupils.  Many of Samson's ritual deisions are mentioned in the rabbinical works "Or Zarua"," "SeMaG," "Orhot Hayyim," and "PIske Rekantati...commentator.  Samson was a descendant of Joseph b. Samuel Bonfils, a nephew of the tosafist Judah of Corbeil, and a brother-in-law of Moses of Concy, who in "SeMaG" often quotes him.  In the glosses of Perez on "SeMaG....

14. TOUL...mentioned R. Eliezer of Toul, the author of tosafot; and his brothe Abraham, a pupil of Rabbi Isaac the Elder of Damierre and identical, according to Gross, with Abraham of V12p211002.jpg.   

15. CHATEAU-THIERRY...ALSO ASCRIBED TO HIM (zUNZ, "z.g."P.38).  ZUNZ (l.c.) says that Samuel was the son of R. Yom-Tob of Evreux and the disciple of R. Isaac b. Abraham of Dampieerre.  Gross ("Gallia Judaica," p. 39) on the ...contrary, identifies him with R. Samuel ben Shneor, the correspondent of R. Jehiel of Paris, and Nathaniel, the Elder, of Chinon.  R. Isaac and his son Bonne Vie are two scholars of this place only known through...the Pious, one of the celebrated French rabbis to whom R. Meir ben Todros Abuilafia of Toledo addressed, about 1204, his letter against the theory of the resurrection as propounded by Maimonides.  Samuel of...

16. ABRAHAM BEN NATHAN...abraham-ben-david-of-posuieres
His regular rabbinical studies, however, were pursued at Dampierre, in northern France, at the academy of R. Isaac ben Samuel, called R....epistolary conclusion:  Shalom!  A.B.N." (Greeting!  Abraham ben Nathan).  The 2nd part contains extracts from the halakic works of Alfasi, Isaac ibn Giat, and Isaac ben Abba Mari, a relative of Abraham's.  The...French author, born in the 2nd half of the 12th century, probably at Luinei, Languedoc.  He received his education in that town, after which he is sometimes called ("RABN"=RABBI ABRAHAM BEN NATHAN...

17. TOSAFOT...
It is the critical and explanatory note on the Talmud by French and German scholars of the 12th-14th centuries, first meant to be supplements to Rashi's Talmud commentary.  What is the Talmud? We have 2 of them; the Babylonian version and the Palestinian version.  They are the records of academic discussion and of judicial administration of JEWISH LAW.  
Samuel ha-Zaen (RI) of Dampierre, whose tosafot form a part of the Tosafot Yshanim (see below).  Isaac was succeeded by his pupil ben-abraham-of-sens" Samson ben...No.6).  After the death of Isaac ben Samuel, Isaac ben Abraham succeeded him as head of the school of Dampierre, after which place he is often called ("Or Zarua", i.225a).  Isaac ben Abraham was oneof the...tosafot (for example, those to Kiddushin by Isaac b. Samuel ha-Zaken of Dampierre, and those to 'Abodah Zarah by his son, Elhanan b. Isaac); (3) a collection of old tosafot published by Joseph Jessel b. Wolf ha-Levi...


Interestingly, the Crusaders have a story as well about Guy de Dampierre and a damsel named Rebecca.  Could it be that a Crusader fell in love with a Jewish maiden?  It's a Scottish tale.  She is the image of Elizabeth Taylor, who did convert to Judaism, by the way.  It's the story of IVANHOE: Loyal British knight Wilfred of Ivanhoe (Robert Taylor) sets out on a mission to free the kidnapped King of England, Richard the Lionheart (Norman Wooland), in this rousing adventure tale. The brave Ivanhoe must eventually confront the devious Prince John (Guy Rolfe) and the fierce Norman warrior Brian de Bois-Guilbert (George Sanders), while also juggling the affections of the beautiful maidens Rowena (Joan Fontaine) and Rebecca (Elizabeth Taylor).


Azulai, Shem ha-Gedolim, i.;
Michael, Or haHayyim, pp. 511-513;
Qwiaa, Soe, ic.286, 342, 349;
Gratz, Gesch. 3d ed., vi. 210, 211, 214;
Gross, Gallia Judaica, pp. 161- 168, 638
idem, in R.E.J.vii. 76;
Neubauer, ib. xvii.67




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Netanyahu and others connected to famous people and us; Segal being one line.

Nadene Goldfoot                                     
Benyamin Halevi Netanyahu: Prime Minister of Israel.  He is Israel's 9th Prime Minister.  Benjamin also  had a brother; Yonatan  Netanyahu, killed in the wars of Israel.   Benyamin's grandfather was a rabbi, but his father was secular.                                                        
The 35th anniversary of the raid on Entebbe in which four Israeli hostages (out of more than 100) and the commander of their rescue operation - Yoni Netanyahu, the brother of our present Prime Minister - were killed. There were some nice tributes to Yoni (Jonathan) of remembrance.  "

Yonatan "Yoni" Netanyahu was an Israel Defense Forces officer who commanded the elite commando unit Sayeret Matkal during Operation Entebbe, an operation to rescue hostages held at Entebbe Airport in Uganda in 1976.

The Prime Minister of Israel when a young IDF soldier
in Israel

Surprisingly, there is a coastal town in Israel by the name of Netanyah that was founded in 1929 by the descendants of veteran Galilean settlers as a village based on large citrus plantations that was developed as a seaside resort.   Often people receive their surnames through the town they were from. 

 Benjamin's father was Benzion Halevi Netanyahu.  Benzion Mileikowsky (later Netanyahu) was born in Warsaw in partitioned Poland which was under Russian control, to Sarah (Lurie)  and the writer and Zionist activist, Nathan Mileikowsky. Nathan was a rabbi who toured Europe and the United States, making speeches and supporting Zionism.  After Nathan took the family to Mandate Palestine (aliyah) in 1920, the family name eventually was changed to Netanyahu. After living in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, and Safed, the family settled in Jerusalem. Benzion Netanyahu studied in the David Yellin teachers' seminary and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Although his father was a rabbi, Benzion was secular.  

 His younger brother, mathematician Elisha Netanyahu, became Dean of Sciences at the Technion. It was a common practice for Zionist immigrants at the time to adopt a Hebrew name.   Nathan Mileikowsky began signing some of the articles he wrote "Netanyahu," the Hebrew version of his first name, and his son adopted this as his family name. He also used the pen name "Nitay."
In 1944, Netanyahu married Tzila Segal, whom he met during his studies in Palestine. Together the couple would have three Boys Yonatan (1946–76), former commander of Sayeret Matkal, who was killed in action leading Operation EntebbeBenjamin, (b. 1949)Israeli Prime Minister (1996–99, 2009–present); and Iddo (b. 1952), an Israeli physicianauthor and playwright. Netanyahu became a widower in 2000, when Tzila (Celia) died.
His genealogy is that his mother was Celia Zila Segal, born August 28, 1912 in Petach Tikva, Israel.  She died on January 31, 2000 at age 87 in Jerusalem, Israel.  Her father was Benyamin Halevi Segal and mother was Chana Malka Markus.   Celia had siblings; Pearl, Florence, Azriel, Manuel, and Blanche. From this surname, I surmise that Benyamin Segal was a member of the Levite tribe originally as Ha means the and Levi means a Levite from the tribe of Levi, the tribe that Moses and his brother Aaron belonged.  

We have many Segals in our tree.  Netanyahu's mother was Sephardi. 
Ours must be Ashkenazi, I would think.  If her ancestors were from 
Poland like her husband, she would have been Ashkenazi.    

Descendants of Leo Marius Mordechai Meir ha Levi Segal
Leo Marius Mordechai Meir ha Levi Segal b: September 02, 1906 in Minneapolis, Minnesota d: January 02, 1967 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
.. +Jeanette Edythe nee Scheine Goldfus b: January 10, 1910 in Laukuva, Telsiai uesd, Kovno Gubenia, Lithuania-Russian Empire d: October 10, 1993 in St Paul, Minnesota
. Susan Segal b: 1942
..... +Gary Jay Bloom b: Abt. 1942
. Sandra Mae Segal b: 1945
..... +Richard Melvin Weintraub b: Abt. 1945
 This Goldfus was a descendant of Iankel Goldfus b: 1768.  

We also have another Segal in the family from South Africa.

Descendants of Mary Segall  
Mary Segall b: Abt. 1878 in Russia d: in Johanesburg, South Africa
.. +Dr. Louis "Elias" Goldfoot, MD b: Abt. 1877 in Vilnius, Lithuania/Russia d: November 15, 1976 in Capetown, Johannesburg, South Africa
. 21 yrs. Stephen Goldfoot, Flight Lieutenant b: Abt. 1921 in Johannesburg, South Africa d: December 12, 1941 in Western Desert, Egypt
. Gerald Gerard Joel Goldfoot b: Abt. 1923 in Johannesburg, South Africa d: September 13, 1965 in Johannesburg, South Africa age 51

In checking DNA, I find that my brother, David Goldfoot matches a segment with Ian Goldfoot, born in South Africa, and Adam Segal, who is Ian's 2nd to 4th cousin.  David is Ian's 2nd to 3rd cousin.  David, my brother, matched 17 Segals from 2nd to 5th cousins. Adam Segal was not one of my 17 matches.  

I matched 17 Segals, and one was a 2nd to 4th cousin, Mr. Michael Segal.  The others were 3rd, 4th and 5th cousins, but not the very same ones.  We shared with some, picked up others individually.  Imagine the many that our father carried in his genes!  

Ian Goldfoot, our 2-3rd cousin of South Africa now in the USA, matched 26 Segals!  Ian and I share the Goldfoot line, and we also share 8.86cMs of a female as well, shown on the 23rd or X chromosome.  

There are a lot of Segals listed from Lithuania.  

Here's an American actor, George Segal, born in my year of 1934.  He's definitely of a Jewish family.  
George Segal (born February 13, 1934) is an American actor and musician. Segal became popular in the 1960s and 1970s for playing both dramatic and comedic roles. Some of his most acclaimed roles are in films such as Ship of Fools (1965), King Rat (1965), Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1967), Where's Poppa? (1970), The Hot Rock (1972), Blume in Love (1973), A Touch of Class (1973), California Split (1974), For the Boys (1991), and Flirting with Disaster (1996). He was one of the first American film actors to rise to leading man status with an unchanged Jewish surname—thus paving the way for Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand.  Segal's family was Jewish, but he was raised in a secular household. This is what has happened to so many of the Jews of the USA.  


Could the movie actor, Steven Seagal, be from the Segal line?  He's Russian.
His parents also used Seagal as a surname.  Steven Frederic Seagal was born in Lansing, Michigan, on April 10, 1952,  the son of medical technician Patricia (1930–2003) and high school mathematics teacher Samuel Seagal (1928–1991). His mother was of Dutch, English, and German descent, while his father was the son of Russian Jews who had relocated to the U.S. He is also said to have Mongol heritage.  So do we, in that Goldfus Y haplogroup is Q, and that Q's came, like 22,000 years ago from Siberia, Mongolia and parts of Turkey.  Not all Goldfoots are Jewish, either.  There is a line that has the R hapogroup, not showing any Jewish connection.  
Steven Frederic Seagal is an American actor, producer, screenwriter, martial artist, and musician who holds American, Serbian, and Russian citizenship. Seagal was born in Lansing, Michigan.
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia


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Genealogy: Tracing Back to 1000-1600's: Before Rabbi Samson Wertheimer Through Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull's and Dr.Jeffrey Briskman's Extensive Research

Nadene Goldfoot                                               
RASHI-Remembered in Israel,  image on a postal stamp
Prayer books are filled with his comments
Rabbi Solomon Yitzhaki-ben Isaac born in Troyes, France 1040
His genealogy showed a direct line to King David
Genealogies were a requirement of sitting in the Sanhedrin,
the Supreme Court of their day, a group of 71 rabbis.

The Head person was called the NASI, usually a descendant of
Hillel from the 1st century BCE who founded the school, House of Hillel, born in Babylonia. He had been president of the Sanhedrin.  He's remembered for his Golden Rule: "Do not do unto others that which you would not have them do unto you." Before 70 CE they met in the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem.
Dr Jeffrey Mark Paull, my 4th cousin found through DNA studies from Family Tree DNA out of Houston, Texas originally, and Dr. Jeffrey Briskman,, my 5th cousin,   have tracked rabbinical dynasties stemming from RASHI, the great biblical commentator who was born in Treves, France in 1040, dying in 1105 and studied in the Rhineland.  They did it with a combination of DNA studies and found genealogical lines that rabbis kept and still exist today.   One of their papers that caught my eye presented on Acadamia Edu's website was Connecting to the Wertheim-Giterman Rabbinical Lineage through Y-DNA."

Rabbis had followers and became very well known.  They would marry into other families of well-known rabbis.  Thus dynasties were created, just like kings of countries.  Records were kept.  This all started before Europe's leaders created the need for surnames.  Many of these rabbis had started having surnames before the law of having surnames were started.  Much of our lines were started in what became Germany.  

Through the DNA study group of Halpern & Branches on FTDNA led by Andi Ziegelman and Sandy Aaronson, I found out that I not only matched Andi as 3rd cousin, but our line from grandparents Nathan Abraham Goldfus (Goldfoot) and Zlata Jermulowske connected  to Rabbi Samson Wertheimer's brother, most likely.  Rabbi Samson Wertheimer, born in 1658 in Worms, Germany and died in 1724 in Vienna, Austria, was the nephew of Samuel Oppenheimer.   The surname of Wertheim and Wertheimer lives on today and several have taken DNA tests, finding their Y haplogroup and and also finding all the people that match their DNA segments like me.  So has Oppenheim and Oppenheimer. 

Rabbi Samuel Oppenheimer was born in 1630 and died in 1703.  He was the 1st Jew to settle in Vienna after the 1670 expulsion order, and was the agent and financier of King Leopold I , helping to finance his wars with the Turks and the War of the Spanish Succession.  In 1697 he was accused of conspiring to murder his rival (and books leave out the fact that this rival was his nephew) Samson Wertheimer.  He was imprisoned until vindicated.  Oppenheimer liberally supported the poor, scholars of Judaism and the Hassid movement to settle in Palestine.  So if Wertheimer is related to Oppenheimer, then we are, too! 

Since DNA testing is new, I cannot even imagine the person to person connection to RASHI, but these genealogies are showing the way to him.  Paull and Briskman are the closest to finding many of them.

I match 4 Wertheimer men of which 2 are shown to be identified as coming from my father's side of the family.  I also match 3 Oppenheimers of which 2 are women who are identified as coming from my father's side of the family. My brother matches 3 Wertheimer men, a 4th and 2 5th cousins.  He also matches a male 3rd cousin Oppenheimer and a 5th cousin female Oppenheimer.  DNA gets more interesting if all siblings get tested as they will vary in who they match.  It opens the possibilities of who a family is related to.  There are differences in the siblings in gender and age, and I believe this also affects the genes they have inherited.  

 FTDNA shows a male or female icon telling you what side of the family they were found.  DNA scientists are marvelous today!  

Paull and Briskman studied the Savran-Bendery Hassidic Dynasty.  It includes the Wertheim rabbinical dynasty that starts with Rabbi Aryeh Leib Wertheim of Bendery and the Giterman rabbinical dynasty, starting with his brother, Rabbi Moseh Tzvi Giterman.  Wertheim was born in 1772 in Savran, Odessa, Ukraine and Bessarabia.   Bessarabia was a Province, formerly Romanian, now in the Moldavian and Ukrainian Republics.  Jews were living there when Bessarabia was annexed to Russia in 1812.  Between 1839 and 1858 they were forbidden to live within 50 versts of the frontier and, in common with gypsies, could not be government officials.  It was an area of much anti-Semitism.    That's part of the Pale of Settlement that Russia created and held.  

I have gone back to: Descendants of Iones Jonah Goldfus to Nathan Abraham Goldfus, my grandfather

Iones Jonah Goldfus b: Abt. 1730 in Telsiai, Telsiai, Kaunas, Lithuania d: 1813 in prob. Telsiai, Telsiai, Kaunas, Lithuania
Descendants of Abram Wolf Jarmulowicz to Zlata Jermulowske, my grandmother
Abram Wolf Jarmulowicz b: 1827 in Lazdzieje, Suwalk Gubernia, Lithuania d: in Lazdzieje, Suwalk Gubernia, Lithuania
.. +Aronowicz b: in Szczuczyn, Poland d: in Lazdzieje, Suwalk Gubernia, Lithuania

It's exciting to imagine all these people that lived before I did and what happened to them.  I love this wonderful long line of people that I inherited my genes from.  

Dr. Briskman's recent ancestors came from Belarus,   formerly known by its Russian name Byelorussia or Belorussia (Russian: Белоруссия), is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest. Minsk was its capital.  Yet we connect somehow with the Goldfus line of Telsiai, Lithuania.  People did move about.  Some of Dr. Paull's ancestors came from Ukraine.  Quite a few of my matches came from there, also a part of the Pale of Settlement. 

 I've found one major match to my brother David from Lithuania who had a Goldfus female on his tree that connected to our line.  He's also a writer, Hon. Grant Arthur Gochin.  His recent family was from Lithuania and he wrote about how they fared during the war there; not good at all, and the troubles he has had since then.  David and Grant are 4th cousins.  Grant's family also went from Lithuania to South Africa, like our 2nd-3rd cousin, Ian Goldfoot.  Our families do get separated, don't they?  That's the beauty of DNA testing; you might find some.  

Another paper that just came out by Paull and another of my DNA matches, Janet Billstein Akaha with a 4th male, and a 5th male and female Billstein, is also loaded with the genealogy of Wertheimer. It's titled, Using Autosomal DNA Analysis to Connect Rabbinical Lineages: A Case Study of the Wertheimer and Wertheim Dynasties

The 2 Wertheimers used today for DNA testing/findings were Dr. Michael Aaron Wertheimer and David Wertheimer, who happen to be on the list of my family members-

1. Victor Sharpe has Dr. Michael Aaron Wertheimer as 4th cousin.  David Wertheimer is his 5th cousin.  Victor has 8 Wertheimers on his list of matches.

 2.  Dr. Sandra Oster finds Dr. Michael Aaron Wertheimer as 4th cousin and David Wertheimer, her 4th cousin as well.  She has 9 Wertheimers on her list.  
3. Art Bloom also has Michael Aaron as a 4th cousin and David Wertheimer as a 5th cousin as well as 4 others, making 6 Wertheimers on his list. 
4.  Ian Goldfoot, our 2nd cousin doesn't have Michael or  David, but has a total of 7 others, four 4th cousins and three 5th cousins. 
5.  My brother, Dr. David Goldfoot, has Michael Aaron as a 4th cousin and two other 5th cousins, totaling 3 Wertheimers.  
6. My  cousin Don Eichman has two 5th cousin Wertheimers,  
7. I have David Wertheimer as 4th cousin, another 4th and two 5th cousins, totaling 4 Wertheimers.  

This may not be a triangulation for all of us, as the DNA segments have to be at the or among the same segment beginning and ending points, but we certainly hobnobbed with the best of rabbinical genes.

The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia

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